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Who we are

Health & Performance Collective was created by Chloe McLeod and Jessica Spendlove some of Australia’s best Accredited Practising Dietitians and Advanced Sports Dietitians, specialising in Performance Nutrition. Our Sydney-based team works with motivated people around Australia – online and face-to-face – to help them live and perform at their best.

What we do

From our work with the country’s most elite sports teams to companies wanting to empower their employees – we’ve seen first-hand the power of evidence-based, expert-backed nutrition in enhancing performance. We offer a range of tried, tested and proven services for individuals, teams, organisations and food brands. Find more on how we can help you below


my millennial health podcast

Are you finding health and wellbeing really… well… bloody confusing? We don’t blame you – there’s a lot of contradicting opinions, fads and downright dodgy advice floating around. That’s why we’ve created the my millennial health podcast – your one-stop-shop for bettering your overall health and wellbeing, covering diet, exercise, mental health, mindset and so much more. You’ll hear from some of the best experts in the business, who make the latest evidence-based info easy to understand and action.

And we’d love to ask our amazing community a favour: have a listen, subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review (5 stars if you’re feeling friendly!). Let us know what you think, plus what topics and which experts we should feature next!

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The nutrition space is continuously evolving. Keep up to date with evidence-based, expert-backed articles from the Health & Performance Collective team.


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