Chloe McLeod

Chloe McLeod

Dietitian : Performance Sports Nutrition : Corporates : Media 

Chloe is a Sydney based dietitian who works closely with individuals and companies, develops recipes and writes about nutrition to help individuals, and the wider population to optimise their health. Chloe particularly specialises in the areas of food intolerance, sports nutrition and nutrition for arthritis and autoimmune conditions.

She developed and runs the online course The FODMAP Challenge, and provides individual nutrition services for both face to face and online consultations.

Chloe loves working with the media, providing expert comment to  and writing for publications. This includes regularly writing for Body & Soul, and a weekly appearance on Talking Lifestyle on 2UE Radio

Chloe is consultant Sports Dietitian to the Parramatta Eels NRL Squad, for women’s cycling team Roxsolt Attaquer, and triathlon team MaccaX, having previously worked with the Rabbitoh’s NRL U20s squad.

Chloe also currently sits on the board for Sports Dietitian’s Australia.

Chloe has had an interest in nutrition from a young age, due to having food intolerances herself, and also a realisation about the important role food played in her active lifestyle.

She loves food, enjoys going out for meals and experimenting with new recipes and cuisines in her spare time, having authored the recipe book ‘Anti-Inflammatory Eating‘. Staying fit and healthy plays an important role in maintaining health. As such, you will often find her enjoying a long run, scenic walk or heading off to a spin or yoga class.