Here at Health and Performance Collective we love our snacks! When done right snacks can add so much nutritional value to you. However, when done poorly, they can provide excess energy, high amounts of sugar and bad fats which aren’t great for your health, mood, energy levels, or mental concentration.

There is no question that working from home can sometimes make food choices challenging. Simply knowing the fridge and pantry is stocked and ready to access at all times can provide too much temptation. Don’t worry you aren’t the only person who struggles to resist the snack cupboard!

For this reason we have created a snack formula to help you nail snack time while working from home.


What does it include?

Good quality protein + some colour (fruits and veg), + fibre + healthy fats.


What might that look like?

Less active person:
• 1 tub of high protein yoghurt (such as yopro or chobani) + handful of berries + small amount of nuts
• 1 tin tuna + wholegrain crackers + tomato
• Rye crackers + hard-boiled egg + ¼ avocado
• Coffee + piece of fruit
• 2x rice cakes with cream cheese, smoked salmon & cucumber
• Protein shake (protein + water OR coconut water + frozen berries + 1 tsp chia seeds)
• 2 large hard boiled eggs + 1 small pack of roasted chickpeas (e.g. the happy snack company) + veggie sticks
• Rice cakes + ricotta cheese & berries
• Apple and 2 tsp peanut butter
• Mezze plate – boiled egg, cheese, veggie sticks, hummus and a few nuts

Active person:
• 1 tin of tuna, cup of brown rice + handful of spinach
• Protein smoothie (protein + liquid of choice + frozen banana + nut butter)
• Slice of sourdough with ricotta + banana + honey
• Slice of sourdough with cottage cheese + tomato + ham
• Banana & Berry smoothie (Milk + yoghurt + frozen banana + frozen berries, optional honey if needed)
• 2x Boiled eggs on slice of toast with avocado & tomato
• 1 tub of high protein yoghurt (such as yopro or chobani) + fruit + muesli
• Mezze plate – boiled egg, cheese, veggie sticks, ½ avocado, wholegrain crackers and some nuts
• Rice cakes or toasted sandwich with BBQ chicken, avocado & baby spinach