Good nutrition supports best performance in the workplace as much as it does on the sporting field. Ensuring your employees are armed with the knowledge, practical strategies and access to proper nutrition in the workplace is essential for optimal work productivity.
We have a range of services which can help your employees increase their productivity at work which include the following.
Education Based Services
We offer individual consultations to employees to help provide them with specialised and individualised nutrition advise to help them live their best life. These services are offered as daily packages and are split into

  • 30 minute new consultations
  • 15 minute review consultations
Education sessions
We can offer a range of educational nutrition seminars to help provide your employees with knowledge and strategies to help them live their best life. We can tailor seminars and packages to suit the company’s specific requirements. Below is a selection of topics we can cover;

  • Health & Wellness
  • How to eat for optimal physically & mental performance
  • Eat like the elite
  • Gut health
  • Food and mood
  • Real talk – debunking diet myths
Practical Sessions
  • Hands on sessions which include your employees not only learning about nutrition, but then also putting into practice.
    • How to build a healthy breakfast
    • How to build a healthy lunch
    • How to snack smart
  • Menu/café review
    • Work with chef to establish healthy café menu
Access – Meal Provision
Do your employees work long hours and your organisation provides meals on an ad hoc or regular basis? If this is the case, would you like two leading Australian Dietitians to choose the most nutritious and tasty meals and snacks available for your employee’s to optimise their productivity at work?
Services we offer
  • Food provision review
    • We can review the current meals and snacks provided and offer detail recommendations on how to optimise the options available. This can include meals, snacks and catering options for ad hoc events
  • Meal delivery
    • We can organise suitable options for all meals and snacks which may be delivered to your work on a regular or ad hoc basis
      • Including
        • Weekly breakfast, lunch or dinner for employees who work extended hours
        • Ad hoc meals which are provided to boost morale