Transitioning from working in an office to working at home is a big adjustment and it is normal to feel a little lost and out of routine however, it is important to set yourself some goals and create a new routine during this time to keep your days productive and your mental and physical health a priority.


Our top tips for creating a routine when working from home:
  • Plan meals AND snacks for each day so you know what to grab out of the fridge when you are feeling hungry, being prepared makes healthy eating that much easier.
  • Grocery shopping may be a little crazy right now so planning all of your meals and snacks for the week and writing a grocery list will make your shopping not only quicker but cheaper too!
  • Planning snacks into your day is important as this helps to ensure you are not snacking all day or over eating just because it is there – there is a difference between having a nutritious snack and then eating all the schhnaccks.
  • Schedule regular planned breaks throughout the day, this can be as short as a 5 minute break or a 30 minute break, this will give your eyes and mind a break from the computer screen and will help you be more productive when you sit back down.
  • Get up from your desk and stretch every hour. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for our health so why not use this time to get into the habit of getting up and having a stretch or moving your body for a few minutes. Your mind, body and overall health will thank you for it!
  • Exercise is vital for our health and for the mind, do a home workout or go for a 30 minute walk each day to help keep your mind fresh. It’s normal to feel a little stressed at this time and exercise can be a great help for this.
  • Just like a normal work day, set your day up with a start and finish time and stick to it. Knowing how many hours you have to complete your tasks will help you be more productive and help to keep work and home life separate.
  • Schedule your day, each morning sit down and write yourself a to do list, this is another great way to be more productive so you don’t end up wasting time scrolling on social media and also helps to keep your mind busy. Plus it feels great to tick things off your to do list when they are done!
  • Stay connected with your friends and family, being stuck at home and unable to give your family and friends a hug can feel isolating which is why it is extremely important to stay connected with them. Give your mum a call or organise a FaceTime with your family to eat dinner together. It may not be as nice as sitting in the same room but at least we have the technology so that we can connect and see each other.
  • Starting your day with meditation or some deep breaths is great for calming and stress relief and is the perfect way to start your day
  • Schedule time for yourself!! This is so important, especially if you are at home with your kids or partner, even if it is only 10 minutes that you get to yourself this will help you recharge and it feels great! Read your favourite book, take a candle lit bath or watch your favourite reality tv show.

These are just some ways that you can create a routine while working from home, please know that we do not expect you to go out and make all of these changes at once but you can start by choosing two or three of these tips and see how you feel, once you have them mastered you can add another.


Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash