You may find yourself getting bored of your go-to lunches while working from home. Maybe you want to get a bit more creative in the kitchen during the day. Lunch is one of our favourite meals and there are so many different options to choose from. Even if you are short on time, there are an abundance of easy and delicious recipes you can try. Here are some of our go-to lunches that we are sure you will love too! They can all be made in less than 15 minutes, so they are perfect if you are short on time.


#1 Burrito Bowl

A burrito bowl is quick, easy to make and tastes delicious. The great thing is you can create it with the ingredients you have in your pantry. Simply start with some rice and a mixed salad, then top it with your choice of protein. This bowl can be quickly thrown together with some leftover protein from the night before, such as tofu, mince or beans. To save yourself some extra time, you could even use microwave rice (or a multigrain blend if you’ve read our swaps for your (gut) health article).


#2 Mezze Platter

If you are unsure of what you feel like at lunch time, a mezze platter can be a great option. You can add a range of different snacks that can be eaten together as a meal. To ensure you are feeling full until your next meal, make sure to include a protein source, a carbohydrate source and a wide variety of veggies. Your protein could include some boiled eggs, chicken breast or hummus. Your carbohydrate could be a wrap, sourdough bread or some crackers. As for the veggies – raw, pickled, fermented, roasted. The options are endless!


#3 Omelette w/ All the Veg and a Side of Sourdough

Another simple but under-rated lunch is the humble omelette. Not only are omelettes packed full of nutrients, but you can get creative with your fillings. Try adding some of your favourite veggies and having it with a side of sourdough. Not only will this keep you feeling satisfied, but it’s also great for your gut health. Some of our favourite veggies to add include spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and zucchini.


#4 Throw Together Salad

The simple salad can be a tasty and easy lunch to make in a short amount of time. Simply throw together any vegetables you have in your fridge. This could include spinach, cucumber, carrot, tomato or even some roast veggies. Our top tip is to roast up a large batch of veggies in one go, that way you can have some on-hand when making your lunch. Top your veggies with your choice of protein such as a can of tuna or chickpeas, then add in some wholegrains such as brown rice or quinoa. If you’re feeling fancy, you could top it all with a simple dressing such as a lemon and olive oil vinaigrette or tahini. Try adding some mixed seeds for some extra crunch. It’s as simple as that, and your lunch is good to go. Head to the recipe section on our website for the five minute salad – it’s a winner!


#5 Leftovers (#LeftoverLife)

If you know you have a busy day of work coming up, try making an extra serve of your meal at dinner time to have for lunch the next day. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure you have a healthy lunch on hand and it requires minimal work. Not only does this save you time on your lunch break, but you can guarantee it will be delicious. If you are the type that gets sick of eating the same thing, you can try mix up your leftovers. For example, if you had burgers for dinner, you could pop the patties in a salad at lunchtime. If you had grilled fish and veggies, you could try having them in a wrap for lunch the next day. We really love leftovers at Health & Performance Collective HQ – after all how good is it knowing you have a meal or most of the ingredients for a meal already prepped from the night before, such a win! Once you join the #LeftoverLife movement, you won’t go back!


Image sourced from @Pinterest