Food Brands

We love food and we love making nutritious products easier for the public to understand and access. That’s why we offer food brands the following services. Can’t see what you’re after? Get in touch and we can work on a bespoke package. 

Recipe development

Need mouth watering meal ideas that maximise your product’s nutritional benefits? We can work with your brand to create a range of recipes tailored to your requirements.

Content creation

Communicating the nutritional qualities of your amazing brand and products in a easily digestable and engaging way is our (wholemeal) bread and butter. The Health & Performance Team can evolve your key messaging through expert-backed articles, styled photography and videography, infographics, and social media assets. 

Product development

Need help with nutrition straight out of the gate? We can work with your team to give your brand the dietitian’s tick of approval with the latest evidence-based intel. The Health & Performance Collective team can create or modify food products to maximise their nutritional benefits and align with key consumer groups or health concerns. We can help with product labelling, allergen auditing, and advise about health claims.

    Brands we work with (and why they love us!)

    “Jess and Chloe of Health and Performance Collective were an absolute pleasure to work with. Cobram Estate worked with Health and Performance Collective to develop evidence based, consumer friendly social media content and to host a social media event. They were professional, genuine, detailed, organised, aligned with the brand and values of Cobram Estate and evidence based. Throughout the project from planning through to execution, Jess and Chloe were open, flexible, adaptable and clearly demonstrated their skills as experienced health and nutrition experts and communicators. Cobram Estate would be delighted to recommend Health and Performance Collective to others.”

    Jacqui Plozza

    Cobram Estate

    food brands we work with