We all love a delicious platter, but they can be very decadent and easy to over-do.  If you have an event coming up and are wanting to strike some balance with the festive eating, why not offer to bring a healthier platter?  Let’s look at how to build a delicious, healthy platter that you can enjoy at your next gathering!

Veggie sticks

No surprises seeing this one on here!  As we often stand around grazing at platters, having some high volume, low energy foods like veggie sticks on them is a great option.  Include delicious options like carrot, cucumber, capsicum and celery!  Great with dip or on their own.


Making your own, or buying a healthier dip is a great addition to a platter.  Try limit the energy dense options high in saturated fat such as French onion.  Instead choose delicious nutrient-dense options such as hummus, beetroot dip, pumpkin and walnut, capsicum and or olive dip.

Wholegrain crackers

Opt for wholegrain rice crackers or seeded crackers rather than plain wheat crackers for an extra fibre boost!  These pair perfectly with dips or cheese (yes, cheese can be included!)


You may be surprised to see this on here!  In moderate amounts, cheese can be a great nourishing option to include on a cheese platter.  It is a source of key nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamin B12.  The key here is moderate amounts, as it’s very easy to over-do the cheese (remember a serve = 40g).  Aim to limit to 1-2 smaller cheeses on your platter.


Fruit is a refreshing addition to any platter, particularly in summer.  Some great options to include are strawberries, grapes, sliced apple or pear, and figs.  


Olives are a great source of healthy fats and make for a delicious addition to a cheese platter.  Aim for plain Kalamata or green olives, rather than stuffed.


Like olives, nuts are an excellent source of healthy fats among other valuable micronutrients.  Choose your favourite unsalted varieties to include.  Like cheese, nuts can be easy to over-do.  Remember one serve = 30g.

Remember with any type of platter it can be easy to overindulge.  One of our favourite tips is rather than standing by the platter mindlessly munching, get yourself a plate.  Plate up your snacks and walk away and enjoy yourself.  This way you can enjoy your platter mindfully without getting to the point of being uncomfortably full.

What are your favourite healthier platter additions? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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