Doing some meal prep on the weekend can save you a lot of time and money, it is also a great way to prepare healthy meals and help to limit the mid-week takeaway dinner when you don’t feel like cooking.

The term ‘Meal prepping’ can feel a little overwhelming if you have not done it before but it doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be spending 5 hours in the kitchen every Sunday. It is important to find a way that suits you and your lifestyle!

See below our top tips on how to nail meal prep.

There are different types of meal prepping and it doesn’t have to be a full week’s worth of meals made up perfectly in Tupperware containers like you might see on Instagram. If you find that breakfast is the meal you are not consistent with in the morning then you can prep some meals for breakfast. Things like overnight oats, savoury muffins, chia puddings and parfaits are all great options to prep at the beginning of the week and they don’t take long to make. This can be done for any of your meals or snacks, you don’t need to cook everything at once!


The other thing which has been a game changer for us is focusing on Ingredient prep, rather than Meal prep per se. Here is the difference between Meal Prep vs Ingredient Prep:

  • Meal prep is a great way to save time as well as keep you on track with eating healthy meals however, it is not for everyone! If you don’t like the thought of meal prep, or simply want a little bit more freedom with your meals the next day then ingredient prep may be a better option for you.
  • Ingredient prep involves cooking a batch of one ingredient e.g. a tray of roast vegetables, this way you can still make parts of your meal fresh and add the prepared ingredients in. Don’t like having the same lunch everyday? Cook up some protein such as chicken breast and have it in the fridge, you can use this in wraps, salads and sandwiches. Ingredient prep helps you save time and money, but still gives you some variety day to day – sounds like a winner to us!


Another option is pre chopping salads and vegetables, having vegetables prepared in the fridge makes it easier to make a quick salad or to through into a stir-fry for dinner. Hello a 5 to 10 minute dinner!

If you don’t like the thought of meal prep another option is leftovers. Making an additional serve at dinner can be used for your lunch the next day.


Here is a list of our favourite ways to prep:

  • Cook up your favourite meals and store in the fridge/freezer for when you don’t have time/don’t feel like cooking
  • Cook batches of protein to add to salads, wraps and sandwiches
  • Cook up a tray of vegetables to add to main meals and salads
  • Chop up salads and vegetables for quick and easy meals, through them into a bowl with some protein and carbs or steam them on the stove to have with your dinner
  • Cook bigger portions of your dinner and use these leftovers as a healthy and delicious lunch


Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash