Are you new to the idea of planning your meals? Are you a regular in need of some inspiration? Either way, one of the best ways to help your nutrition be on point when working from home is to plan your meals and snacks. This could be done at the start of the week or even at the start of each day while working from home. Same as sitting down to map out your work day, you can do the same with your food. This isn’t about creating anything super strict, it is simply to create a guide and put some structure in place to help you follow, rather than being loose, unplanned and flying by the seat of your pants. If you’re new to the idea, it may seem daunting at first. But it’s a lot simpler than it seems. Today we give you our step-by-step tips to planning your meals while #WFH!


Step 1: Get inspired

Let’s be honest, none of us want to get stuck eating the same thing each day. BORING! A great way to help you plan and stay motivated is to use inspiration and make small little tweaks to keep things interesting. For meal inspiration, Instagram and Pinterest are great places to start. Dig out your favourite cookbook and have a flick through there.
Talk to your friends and find out what they are cooking – maybe even start a WhatsApp group for some healthy competition, we mean inspiration. Each week you may challenge yourself to try at least one new recipe. This keeps your food interesting week to week and may even inspire you to enjoy cooking a little more. A great tip is to save the recipes you find online to an album in your camera roll. Then, you have a large variety of recipes to choose from when planning your meals.


Step 2: Be flexible

Given the current climate, you may plan your meals, write a list and then find the ingredients you were looking for are out of stock. Rather than throwing in the towel, take a second to breathe. Most ingredients have alternatives that you can swap them out for. For example, if there’s no chicken available, why not try some tofu or pork instead. If you’re unable to find tinned or frozen veggies, why not grab some fresh ones!

Being flexible also allows you to change your meals depending on what you feel like eating. You could try planning enough meals at the start of the week, but allow for flexibility. You may want to swap meals on different days, or add in different ingredients if you have leftovers and don’t want to eat the same thing.

One thing we really like to do here at H&PC HQ is prep part of the meal, so for example the protein, and maybe the veggies, but then decide what you want to add to it. Do you want to add a grain like quinoa, or maybe some roast sweet potato, or have it in a wholegrain wrap. Having structure, but flexibility in that structure can be really important in keeping your appetite and tastebuds satisfied!


Step 3: Don’t forget about snacks!

When we think about planning our meals, we may think breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, for many of us snacks also play an important role in our eating routine. Especially while working from home you may find yourself snacking more often than usual. While planning your meals when working from home make sure to include a few healthy snacks throughout the day. However, just because you have planned a snack doesn’t mean you need to eat it. If you find it gets to your snack time and you aren’t hungry you can always just save it for the next day. Including snacks in your plan helps to set yourself up for the day. This keeps you productive so you can continue to smash your goals while #WFH! Check out our article on healthy snacks for more ideas in this space.


Image sourced from @Pinterest