Supporting our immune system at this time is front of mind for a lot of people, and rightfully so. Unfortunately there seem to be plenty of inaccurate posts and articles online which are causing confusion and leading to people spending money on products, which just don’t work.

To help you sort fact from fiction we wanted to share our evidence based tips on how to best support your immune system.


1. Sleep
  • Our immune system does not function at full capacity when we are fatigued
  • Most of our bodies growth and repair is done when we sleep, if we do not get sufficient hours each night we produce less immune cells
  • Aim for 7-8 hours each night
  • Creating a night routine might help your body get ready for bed, this might include having a shower or bath, putting on a face mask or reading a book
  • If you find it hard to wind down try switching off all electronics 30-60 minutes before bed and try reading a book or meditating instead


2. Hygiene
  • Practicing good hygiene is the bodies first line of defence against germs and viruses
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly for around 20 seconds, this will help to ensure any germs on your skin will be washed away
  • This includes being mindful about touching other people, shared surfaces, and shaking hands.


3. Nutritional diversity
  • Fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, D and the B vitamins to name a few
  • Antioxidants in these foods help to reduce oxidative stress that is caused by free radicals (the bad guys) in our bodies
  • Eating the rainbow helps to ensure we are getting a variety of different nutrients, so why not use this time to try a new fruit or vegetable!


4. Wholegrains
  • Wholegrains contain many vitamins and minerals as well as fibre which is important for our gut health as well as reducing inflammation in the body
  • Examples of wholegrain foods include oats, wholegrain bread, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, quinoa etc


5. Gut health
  • Recent studies have shown that there is a link between gut health and our immune system which means happy gut = happy immune system!!
  • Eating foods such as prebiotic rich wholegrains, probiotic rich foods like yoghurt, fermented foods such as sauerkraut etc are great ways to keep your gut bugs thriving and happy


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash