Want to nail your netball nutrition?

The endurance, strength, agility and coordination needed for optimal netball performance requires the best possible nutrition. Understanding what to eat, when and why is important for all netball players, whether you’re recreational or elite, especially when training multiple times per week or playing back-to-back games at netball carnivals.

That’s why we’ve created a FREE 8-page guide – designed by the Health & Performance Collective’s team of Accredited Practising Dietitians and Advanced Sports Dietitians – to help you understand what to eat before, during and after your netball game.

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Get your hands on our Nutrition for Netball e-book, created to help female athletes of all ages learn how to plan, prepare and time food to support netball performance.

With more than 30 seasons of experience in fuelling professional sport – including Giants Netball – our team of Accredited and Advanced Sports Dietitians understand the nutrition requirements for netball players and how they can be their best on the court!

For just $34.95, the comprehensive, 68-page guide covers:

  • Building healthy meals and snacks
  • Adjusting food intake for training requirements
  • Managing nutrition for injury
  • How to time your meals
  • Nailing your game day fuel
  • Meal planning for your training week
  • Household staples all netball player should have
  • Simple recipes for athletes

Who we are

Hi, we’re Chloe and Jess!

Advanced Sports Dietitians, and Co-Owners of Health & Performance Collective. We work with motivated people to help them live and perform at their best, using our skills and knowledge gained from more than 20 years of combined experience working with athletes of all levels to hit their performance goals.

Nutrition is a fundamental component of netball performance. That’s why we created the Nutrition for Netball e-book, featuring the most effective, evidence-based advice to help educate athletes on how to fuel their best results yet.