Nutritionist. Dietitian.

Anthony is a passionate and experienced Dietitian, having been involved in the health, fitness, and nutrition industry for 9 years. His passion for sports and performance extends from his time playing competitive rugby union and his time studying (Bachelor of Exercise Science, Diploma Human Nutirtion, and Masters Nutrition and Dietetics). Through his personal and professional experience he has seen firsthand the importance of nutrition on a person’s performance, whether it be sport or personal, and its impact on their long term health, well-being, and happiness.

Anthony is an Accredited Sports Dietitian, with experience in private practice, corporate health, and high level sportd performance. He has conducted corporate health programs for many Australian businesses, including presenting seminars on topics ranging from healthy eating, to sleep and stress, as well as conducting health checks. Anthony has worked within the elite level of sports, currently as the Academy Dietitian at the Cronulla Sharks, and has also worked with several elite, and sub-elite level athletes within private practice.

He spends his off time playing various sports (football, oztag, cycling, golf, tennis), cooking, gardening, hunting down new beats and heading to gigs.

His main focus is to create the environment for change, using behavioural goals and nutritional education, to help his clients meet their goals – whether that be improved sports performance or an improved relationship with food. Anthony enjoys helping all his clients make healthy lifestyle changes and is passionate about helping active people meet their sports performance goals.