Sports Teams

Proudly working with these professional teams
We love that food can help athletes perform at their best. Jess & Chloe have seen the difference nutrition can make to an athlete’s performance first hand. Chloe and Jess have tried, tested and proven systems which have maximised the performance of some of Australia’s best sports teams. These systems include best-practice fuelling and recovery strategies which have a food first approach & when appropriate feature the addition of evidence based supplementation strategies, which are only ever the icing on the cake.
We offer tailored services to your team depending on needs and requirements

Services we offer:

Implementation of high level performance nutrition systems

  • Including fuelling strategies and recovery systems

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss opportunities for us to work together.

Menu planning
  • Travel menu
  • Game day
    • Including post-match meals to optimise recovery
Training Meals
  • Before or after training
  • Education Presentations
  • Practical work shops
  • Shopping tours
  • Individual consultations for the team
    • +/- body composition monitoring
  • Hydration testing